How to Install a Glass Shower Door

A sliding glass shower door is the perfect replacement for your old shower curtain. It is a simple DIY project that should only last a few hours from the beginning to completion. Replacing the shower curtain with an easy to clean sliding glass door according to this house cleaning service in Charlotte  is a great bathroom upgrade. A shower screen makes a bathroom appear larger and draws in more natural light. After establishing the correct room measurements for the shower section and choosing the ideal glass shower door the following are the simple steps for installation:
• Collect the right tools/Hardware
Clear the bathtub area of the shower curtain and rod. Ensure you have the new glass shower door and all the related hardware. Go through the instructions for safety precautions for installing the door and the tools required.
• Bottom door tracks installation
To determine the length of the track you are required to install measure from wall to wall the lip of the tub. Cut the correct track length, using a hack saw, based on the measurements that you need to fit the tub. The glass door shower panels will be held by the bottom shower door track.apply caulk
To ensure the stability of the track fit for the glass shower screen directly apply a caulking adhesive at the middle of the lip of the tub. Take the trimmed door track and place it directly over the caulking adhesive and strongly press it down. Wipe off any caulking that may trickle below the track with a damp cloth.shower door track
Finish laying the shower door track and hold it down to dry using a few masking tape strips. For the smooth opening and closing of the shower door, it is critical that the shower door tracks are held firmly in place.
• Side Channels Mounting
On each shower wall framing mount the shower door side channels. Check and ensure that the side channels are fully vertical using a level. For the shower door to hside channelang appropriately the level must precise.
Use a pencil to mark the screw holes to be used to attach the channels to the wall.
To drill holes on the marked points for tile shower walls use a masonry drill which can go through delicate tiles safely since it has a smaller drill bit compared to screw. Minimize shredding and tears next to the drill hole on fiberglass shower stalls by using a brad-point drill bit. Screw the side channels firmly into place after applying caulking to walls behind the shower door channels.
• Top shower door tracks installationtop shower door track
Cut the top shower door track to the correct lengths using a hacksaw. To attach the top track to the side channels apply a caulking adhesive on the inside of the top track frame where they touch and strongly press the channel top down. Given that the shower is already held firmly from the bottom and sides caulking is the only installation requirement for the top track.

• Shower door Installationshower door
Position wheels on the top and bottom track respectively. Slide the shower doors along the track from one side to the other gently to test them.
• Let the Caulk Dry
Prior to using the shower or bath give the caulk, at least, a day to dry.