Tips for selecting paint colors for bathroom

One of the most affordable and simplest ways to transform any room in the house including the bathroom is to paint it. Painting the bathroom is a simple DIY task that does not necessarily need an expert. However, there are certain procedures you have to follow for the painting project to go well. According to  Pyramis Company besides color, you have to consider other factors such as room size, existing décor and the bathroom atmosphere you desire to create. Through careful planning and little funds, you can transform the look of your bathroom to become the ideal spa-like environment to relax at the end of a hard day.
The following are some exceptional tips you should bear in mind when selecting paint color for your bathroom:
Room Sizewarm brown bathroom
Color can influence how a room feels in terms of size, therefore, a room will feel larger or smaller depending on the choice of paint color. To make a small room feel spacious choose lighter shades, on the other hand, darker shades will make a larger room feel smaller or cozier. For instance, should your bathroom be small then select light shades of white, cream or brown to make the bathroom feel more spacious and airy. For a large bathroom, you can freely use either bright or dark shades of color freely without being concerned about creating a congested atmosphere.
When you want to create a feeling of a larger space for a small bathroom the following points should guide you:
Be aware of color palette
Colors determine the warmth or coolness of a room. When you are aware of the color palette you will know the right color for the appropriate feel for a bathroom. Choose either cool or warm colors but do not combine them together. The colors that create an illusion of a larger space for small rooms include shades of white and watery blue. The bathroom will feel extra spacious with cool colors whereas warm colors make the room feel cozier and enhance skin tone. Examples of warm colors include peach, cream and sunshine yellow. Should you select warm colors for a small bathroom then keep in mind the light shade convention.
Desired Atmosphere
The mood of the bathroom is highly influenced by the choice of colors and shades. The effect of the bathroom color will be felt when you or your guests walk in and out of the bathroom. If you want an invigorating and energizing bathroom atmosphere then select bright vibrant colors such as red, yellow and shades of green and blue. For a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere go for softer shades of blue, yellow or light green.
Choosing Colorstraditional blue-bathroom
The safest color to use in any bathroom for an open airy feeling is white. However if you need something bolder to reflect your personality then go for it. Some of the colors for modern bathrooms today include gray, navy blue, black, white, mint or forest green etc. Shades of cream are also considered conventional. Grey is actually quite urban and popular nowadays. Watery blue color calming and revitalizing is popular due to its closeness to water. It creates a feeling of being at the beach.